Ba Ji Tian - Morinda officinalis

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 Pin Yin
Ba Ji Tian
Radix Morindae officinalis
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Morinda Root is the dried root of Morinda officinalis How (Fam. Rubiaceae). The drug is collected all the year round, removed from rootlet, dried in the sun partially, beaten gently to be compressed, and then dried in the sun.

 Western medical Back to Top
This herb is indicated in the treatment of impotence, emission, enuresis, infertility, etc..

 Eastern medical Back to Top
  • Pattern: Tonifies the Kidney, supports yang, removes and dispels Cold and Damp.
  • Properties: Acrid, sweet, slightyly warm.
  • Channels entered: Kidney.
 Chemical constituents Back to Top
The main chemical constituents of morinda root include palmitic acid, nonadecane, b-sitosterol, anthraquinones, iridoids, oligosaccharides, flavone, amino acids, resin, etc..

 Pharmacological actions Back to Top
Effects on immunity

Mixed ingredients of oligosaccharides contained in ba ji tian at the dosage of 12.5mg/kg~50mg/kg can obviously promote the proliferation of T lymphocyte in the thymus gland of mice.

Effects on nervous system

Ointment of ba ji tian made through water decoction can improve the decreased monoamine transmitter in the brain of reserpinized mice, at the mean time, it can also improve the changes of signs caused by reserpine.

Effects on endocrine system

ba ji tian can increase the weight of anterior pituitary, ovary and uterus of rats; it can also have the function of promoting the leuteinizing hormone releasing hormone.

Other effects

Promote granular progenitor cell of mice; anti inflammation, promote the restoring of atrophied thymus gland.

 Clinical Studies Back to Top

Fu Xian San (experiential formula): ba ji tian, du zhong, gou teng, gan cao, 150g each; bai shao, yuan zhi, mai dong, tian dong, huang qin, dan shen, 180g each; chang chun hua, tian qi, 120g each; zang hong hua, 50g; quan xie, wu gong, 20g each; zhu bei, 300g; ren zhong bai, 50g; zhu sha, hu po, 60g each. All drugs were made into granules packed into 30 bags, 20g per bag, one bag daily, being taken in three times. 148 cases were treated, and over 90% of them had certain effects.


Xing Yang Sheng Jing Dan (experiential formula): ba ji tian, ying yang huo, tu si zi, gou qi, yu biao jiao, testicles of goat, male silkworm moth, placenta, rou cong rong, jiu cai zi were made into pills, 10g, bid, three months as a course of treatment. 25 cases were treated, 20 were effective.


Xing Yang Chong Ji (experiential formula): chai gou shen, yin yang huo, ba ji tian, shan yu rou, chai hu, dang gui, bai shao, lu jiao jiao and gou qi were made into granules, 12g per bag, 1 bag, tid. 50 patients were treated and 43 were effective.

 References Back to Top

Except those noted, all references come from Weng Weiliang, et al., Clinical Chinese materia medica, Henan Science & Technology Press, 1998